What is cancer? Let’s start with this quest to get a little overview about  what will be in the report.

Doctors speak about cancer  when the building process of new Somatic cells  goes wrong. If a cell dies the body normally builds new ones  by  splitting other cells but it  does this just as long as it needs to.

Let’s move on to  the question “what causes cancer “?  After some research we found out that there are  so  many factors which  may cause cancer. According to ““    there are about 200 different types of cancer  which means  that there are also about 200 types of causes. Every different type of cancer  has  its own cause to make it clear lung cancer cant be caused by the sun, the  sun can only cause skin cancer. The main factors  for developing cancer are for ex. cancer causing substances (carcinogens), age, genetic make up, the immune system, smoking, bodyweight, diet, physical activity and day to day environment.

To start with one cancer causing substances (carcinogens) are  things like cigarets, plastic and even most of the soaps  we use to “clean“ our gads with. But as we  experience not everyone develops cancer after using them because it does not only depend on the substances. In the most cases there has  to be more causes to develop cancer.

Age is a major causes to develop cancer because the change  of the cells takes a long time  and during this time  the cells become  more likely to develop cancer in short ( quote:“ the longer we live, the more time there is for genetic mistakes to happen in our cells.“)

When we mention genetic make up everyone knows about this cause a little.If someone in your family have had developed cancer u are likely to develop it, too. But it doesn’t has to happen to you. Doctors call this genetic predisposition. According to the same source we mentions on top the breast cancer genes are examples of genetic predisposition. Women who carry one of these faulty genes have a higher chance of developing breast cancer than women who do not.

Also the immune system could lead to develop cancer. People who have problems with their immune system are more likely to develop cancer for ex. people  who have AIDS or have had an organ transplant.

The western world is likely to consume fast food and because of the stressed days more people smoke  and because of many excuses people  don’t prefer to do sport  they  prefer to eat less or light  food which is in the most cases more unhealthy than the ones which were not preferred. Having snacks all the time to save time  or eating unhealthy stuff because of cheapness is a major cause  to develop cancer. Overweight is a major problem in the western countries and overweighted people are more likely to develop cancer because of their food preferences.

At least  our day to day environment is playing a big  role for us two major cases are very risky  tobacco smoke  something we (non smokers) all hate to in heal  and even the sun its self we don’t protect ourselves good enough in terms of sun cream in the summer even if we wound  go to the beach.

In conclusion I learned a lot “for me“ about cancer it was was a great experience and my first time making research about such an important title.

About how we worked toughener: We met  each other at first at school to have a more direct conversation and to share idea which was  very helpful and after we texted each other to hang on the informations we found after like the sources.


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