The importance of references in scientific researches.


It has been 2014 now and most people don’t know/care about the importance of References in a scientific research. Unfortunately people just pass others ideas off as they were their one’s own. Actually most people who have to make a scientific research know about the importance of references which means that they copy others ideas intentionally due to various reasons. Nevertheless not everyone who plagiarized should be blamed for it at least authors, tutors etc. because there are a bunch of people who do it unintentionally. The reason for that is that they don’t know what the ready expects, the tutor expects and what its advantage would be for everyone.

So why is it such a big deal to give sources? A list I found on the web on (http://www.reading.ac.uk) might help to explain the reasons.

  1. References acknowledge that part of your work is based on the work and material of others.
  2. Failure to acknowledge that some of your opinions and information have come from others may be regarded as plagiarism.
  3. References show your reader the range and nature of your source materials.
  4. It is important that any reference you give to published sources provides sufficient detail to enable anyone to find for themselves the book or article you are citing. An accurate and detailed description of your source allows your reader to find and read it. Your tutor will therefore be able to evaluate how you have used source material to develop your own work.
  5. To distinguish your own ideas from those of someone else.

To summarize this 5 statements in one. We have to state our sources to distinguish our part of word from someone else’s because if we don’t do that it could be regarded as plagiarism. Also the references show how detailed the research was/is for example nowadays almost no one makes research from books in other words in libraries because of its wastefulness but some informations are so old that you have to find a book which contains the information you need. And this effort makes the research more reliable for someone who red the book or knows the author and more interesting due to its diversity. At least giving references are truly necessary for those who want to prove it or even use your sources and your research to make a new individual one.

Sources: http://www.reading.ac.uk/library/finding-info/guides/lib-citing-why.aspx


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